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From 1997 until 2011 – seven hundred and ten weeks – I edited The Mirror.  It was, until 2006, a weekly publication on paper, providing an overview of the Khmer language press in English translation, as well as editorial commentary. From 2007, it changed to an online publication on the Internet – http://www.cambodiamirror.org – continuing to provide translations from the Khmer press and a weekly editorial. It was always produced to mirror the many facets of Cambodia as seen in the world of Khmer print journalism. This came to an end on 3 April 2011 – my 77th birthday – but The Mirror site will stay online as an archive.

However, in this new blog I plan to continue to share, from time to time, personal observations and reflections. These will, naturally, be influenced by having lived in Cambodia since May 1990 until now:

…thinking it over… after having lived in Cambodia 21 years

I would be happy if you visit this address sometimes. And I would appreciate it very much if you would share your observations and reflections in its Discussions and Comments section. I think that not unilateral publications, but mutual communication, is the most important feature which the Internet makes possible for the societies in which we live.

Norbert Klein

3 April 2011
Phnom Penh/Cambodia

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