Coming back from one week in Myanmar

This is just a brief note saying that I was in Yangon for one week, to attend a Barcamp meeting of about 4,000 computer users of different levels. I will report more, and not only about this meeting. Also about visiting several lakes in the city of Yangon. And also about the impressive political changes taking place since my last visits at the Barcamp meetings 2010 and 2011.

But I would like to take this opportunity to share two pictures – the first I took a few years ago, after take-off from Phnom Penh, and the other before landing to Phnom Penh yesterday.

Some years ago

The former lake - filled with sand

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  1. Phoo says:

    In Myanmar, there is one lake named “Inlae”. It’s in Taunggyi, Shan state. That lake’s becoming dry and authorized people plan to protect it. If the Inlae Lake’s dry, it’s gonna be like ur photo too. 🙁  global warming ?!?!

  2. The lake in Phnom Penh did not dry out from global warming like maybe the Inlae Lake in the Shan state of Myanmar, but it was taken over by the economic interest of one company – and several thousand people who used to live around the lake lost their homes – I wrote about it also earlier on, like here:

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